Veterinary Practice Owners face different tax challenges from other businesses. We offer you Tax Law Solutions designed for the world YOU live in.

As tax laws shift and evolve, businesses more than ever require sophisticated tax advice to effectively navigate all types of complex tax matters — formation, operations, sales tax, income tax, VAT, personal property tax, and even ad valorem tax — and their bottom-line impact. We can help. Francissen Rafelson Schick’s Tax Team provides proactive counseling and strategic tax planning solutions to clients based throughout the U.S. We provide our clients with clear, effective, and innovative tax advice on their transactions and operations so they can efficiently plan and manage their U.S. federal and state tax consequences.

Audit Assistance and Appeal – When an auditor shows up, don’t try to fight them alone!

Most taxpayers understand that dealing with the Internal Revenue Service or a state tax agency is a serious matter. In some instances, many people will simply pay the stipulated tax or abide by the terms of the agency’s findings — even if they disagree — because they believe they have no other choice.

A consultation with Paul Rafelson will help you understand your true tax obligations, determine what you really owe, and allows us to help develop a plan for responding or appealing the tax assessment proposed by the state tax collector or IRS.

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