Are You Selling Your Practice? You Need Experienced Lawyers to Help Advise You and Structure the Deal Correctly

Congratulations on your exit! Whether you are “graduating” to retirement, or want to continue practicing without the stress of ownership, our legal team can help ensure your exit goes smoothly and protects your interests. If you are selling to a Corporate buyer, we can help ensure the deal is structured in a tax-advantageous manner, and can also advise and negotiate your employment agreements, non-compete provisions, asset transfers, purchase and sale agreements, lease agreements, and closing conditions/holdbacks. If you are selling to another private practitioner, we can help you draft a purchase and sale agreement that protects your interests, and covers important considerations including non-competition provision, whether you will stay on, and what happens to your current clients and team members. Contact us for a complimentary consultation, so that we can discuss your options with you today.

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Step One: Complimentary Consultation

We learn about your sales objectives, and help provide you with a plan on how we can help you review your strategy and any Purchase and Sale documents provided to you by prospective purchasers.

Step Two: Flat-Rate Review and Negotiation

We work with the purchaser’s attorney to review and negotiate key Purchase and Sale Agreement Terms, as well as important lease, employment, or non-compete provisions.

Final Result: A Comprehensive and Fair Sales Process

Once the final agreements are reached, we help ensure that all required signatures are completed. We then keep a digital copy in your Electronic Client File so that it is readily accessible should you need to review the Agreement at any time.

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