We Can Help You Ensure Your Practice is Compliant with Government Regulations

OSHA, DEA, VPA (Veterinary Practice Act), DOL, FLSA, T7…and the list keeps growing every day. Owning a veterinary practice and practicing quality medicine means keeping up with a myriad of changing laws and standards. Fortunately, with the right legal team you can keep your practice in compliance with changing rules, regulations, and laws that affect employment, safety/health, and veterinary practice. Our lawyers include experienced corporate lawyers, tax lawyers, and a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager with over 10 years of practice management experience.

We can help your practice ensure compliance with state and federal rules surrounding:

  • Employment Law
  • Drug-Free Workplaces
  • Drug Enforcement Administration laws and audits
  • OSHA Audits
  • Department of Labor Compliance
  • State DOL Compliance
  • State Veterinary Practice Act compliance
  • Fair Labor Standards Act Compliance
  • Non-Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Regulation Compliance

Meet Our Lawyers

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