Selecting the Proper Entity Helps Protect Your Assets, Can Reduce Taxes, and Help You Plan a Proper Exit Strategy

Fortunately, we have the legal knowledge and veterinary experience to help you choose and establish the right organization.

Delaware? Nevada? Wyoming? LLC? Corporation? Partnership? You didn’t go to veterinary school to worry over which type of organization to form, or which state to form it in. Fortunately, we have the experience and legal knowledge to not only help you choose the best organization and state for your company, but we can also help you draft necessary formation and operating documents, operating agreements, bylaws, buy-sell agreements, and obtain necessary permits and tax identification numbers.

Get Started Correctly

We can help ensure your filings are all in order to begin selling the right way. From incorporation to LLC formation, we can help you by providing advice on the correct legal structure, provide you with proper documentation, and can also help file your paperwork for you.

Protect Your Growing Hospital and Make it Ready for an Exit Strategy

If you own an existing veterinary hospital, you may find it is time to change from a sole proprietorship to an LLC or Corporation. We are happy to help give you advice on the consequences of this action, as well as guidance and help filling out the necessary documentation to achieve your entity change. We can also help ensure your employment contracts, employee handbook, and other governing documents are properly assigned to the new entity.

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Asset Protection is Key

Having the proper asset protection strategy in place will help protect your family and personal assets in the event a client or patient is harmed. Your insurance policy may not be enough, but with a proper plan in place and corporate structure, we can help you insulate your personal assets from liability.

Your Entity Choice Impacts Your Taxes

We will work with your CPA and our Corporate and Tax Lawyer Paul Rafelson to help ensure we are helping you implement the best asset protection and company structure. We will also help ensure the necessary documents are filed with the IRS to allow you to “Check the Box” for S-corporation taxation, if appropriate.

Sometimes More IS Better

In the world of asset protection, sometimes larger hospitals require more complex legal structures. We can help you implement the best structure for your practice that allows you to protect your valuable investment, while minimizing cost. This could include separate holding companies for real estate and other valuable practice assets (like medical imaging equipment), while having an operating company that conducts practice operations.

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