We Can Help You Draft Your New Employee’s Employment Contract

When you hire a new associate veterinarian or a practice manager, you should consider protecting your practice with an Employment Contract. We can help you protect your rights and ensure that you have a fair employment relationship with your new employee. When you ask for us to draft the employment contract, we use our experience to help you negotiate the best possible terms. We also work with your Employee’s attorney to evaluate and negotiate proposed changes from your employee.

Specifically, we can help draft your employment contract to ensure it protects your practice in the following areas:

  • Hours of Work, and scheduling constraints (how employees can be scheduled, including overtime or holiday pay)
  • Paid Time Off & other employee benefits
  • Defining “For Cause” termination and “No Cause” notice provisions
  • Ensuring non-competition, non-disclosure, and non-solicitation clauses are comprehensive and comply with state laws
  • Defining how the contract renews, and how changes can be made
  • Drafting key provisions on dress code, practice expectations, and other important considerations

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Step One: Complimentary Consultation

We learn about your practice objectives, and help provide you with a plan on how we can help you draft a comprehensive employment contract.

Step Two: Flat-Rate Drafting and Negotiation

We work with your team to draft key Contract Terms, and provide the draft employment agreement to your employee to review. We then will review any suggested changes, and recommend whether you should accept them.

Final Result: A Comprehensive and Fair Employment Agreement

Once the final Employment Agreement has been reached, we help ensure that all required signatures are completed. We then keep a digital copy in your Electronic Client File so that it is readily accessible should you need to review the Agreement at any time.

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