Employee Handbooks: An Essential Element of Your Animal Hospital

Creating an employee handbook may seem like a daunting task for any practice manager or practice owner. However, our team is here to help ensure that your employee handbook complies not only with federal employment laws, but also your state laws and local ordinances.
Did you know? Some states, including California, require employee handbooks for employers with 5 or more employees? 
Some animal hospitals have few, if any, written policies in place when they begin the process of updating their handbook, and that’s okay. Others may have adopted individual written policies in the past with little, if any, consideration given to how the policies can or should fit together in a handbook. Either scenario is common, and our team is able to help you ensure that your new handbook is a comprehensive document that supports your hospital’s objectives.
Common questions we help practices answer include:
  • Which policies should be included and which are optional?
  • What does the law require?
  • Can I use one policy for multiple clinics?
  • How should the handbook be formatted?
  • How often should the handbook be updated?
  • Can and should signed acknowledgments be required?
We have helped practice owners across the country answer these questions, and we can help your practice as well. We take a strategic approach to helping you develop your handbook. This includes meeting with practice owners and practice leadership to determine the primary objectives they would like to accomplish in their handbook. Next, we advise employers on legal considerations, including the legality of retaining existing policies or developing new policies. We also take a holistic legal approach when reviewing and updating policies, including a keen emphasis on ensuring that the new handbook complies with Title VII, state anti-discrimination laws, and the National Labor Relations Act. We then help your team implement the new handbook, and oversee the distribution of the new handbook and help answer any questions managers receive from employees.
Did You Know? Employers should update handbooks annually, to ensure they are compliant with changes in federal, state, or local laws that may have changed since the handbook was last updated.

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Step One: Consultation

We learn about your practice objectives, and help you determine the optimal employee handbook policies based on your practice goals.

Step Two: Flat-Rate Drafting and Implementation

We draft a comprehensive Employee Handbook for you to present to your employees. We work with your team to “get it right”, using our knowledge of the laws to develop a custom handbook that meets your practice’s objectives.

Final Step: Implementation

The Implementation phase is where our employee handbook service really shines. Using our knowledge of human resources best practices as well as labor and employment laws, we help your team implement the new employee handbook. We offer telephone-based as well as on-site implementation, depending on your practice goals. We also help support your team, by answering questions from your leadership team with respect to changes in policies.

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