Learn More About How eComGuardian Stops Parallel Importation

eComGuardian offers brands an effective way to detect and stop parallel imports from reaching United States consumers. Parallel Importation is when goods that are intended for non-US markets are imported from abroad and sold in the USA. These products may lack US-required safety labels, or have other material differences in composition, ingredients, or formulas that make them dangerous for US consumers. This is especially true if the non-US products have a different dosage than US formulas. eComGuardian can help you identify where these goods are coming from, and institute appropriate Lever Rule protections to block their importation.

Why Should I Hire a Law Firm That Offers Integrated Monitoring + Investigation + Enforcement?

When you hire Francissen Rafelson Schick’s eComGuardian Team, you are getting a team of lawyers to help protect your brand across the web. Our team uses advanced monitoring technology to help them uncover violations, and thorough investigative techniques to uncover the identities of unauthorized sellers. We also use our intimate knowledge of the law to ensure that we are able to defeat a first-sale defense.

Many companies think they can invest in software to help them monitor their listings for unauthorized sellers, but then have no legal recourse when DIY efforts fail. Other times, companies hire investigative firms to help them uncover the identities of unauthorized sellers, but then have to hire a lawyer to use the investigator’s data. With the FRS eComGuardian platform, brands are able to utilize the best benefits of each approach, with a fully managed service offering for protecting their brand reputation from counterfeit knockoffs, MAP violations, grey-market diversion, and unauthorized sellers.